We wanted to use one adjective to describe Mitchell's and we simply couldn't. How do you encapsulate so many memories in a short amount of time? 

Mitchell's opened in the fall of 2006, and since then, we've had countless good times — If there's one thing we can do better than shake a cocktail it's throw a party. You name it we do it; St Patty's day, chili cook offs, bags tournaments, Bears games, Sox games, Cubs games, live music, and more.  

We celebrate every Thursday like itʼs Friday and every Friday like it's New Year's.

There's always a new face — and a familiar one too. You might see IIT students sharing a pitcher of Pabst Blue Ribbon on a weekday or a couple on a weekend date, sipping velvety Grey Goose martinis. 

Mitchell's has a spacious brick patio with wooden benches scaling our fence, handcrafted picnic tables, and amazing lighting to set the mood at night. 

We pour a Guinness better than just about anyone in Chicago — frothy head with sharp black body — and take pride in our 40-plus selections of beer that is ever evolving.

If you're thirsty, we'll see you there!